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    What is a Niche Marketing


    So you keep hearing about Niche Marketing, Niche Marketing and now you want to know …

    What is a “niche marketing”

    What is Niche MarketingA niche market is simply a smaller segment of a bigger market that have very specific needs that are not being properly met by the bigger firms that target them.  Niches are generally created by identifying what these needs, desires and requirements (not being met) are and then using this opportunity to develop information, services, products, advice tips, etc to meet those needs.Be a big fish in a little pond

    If you concentrate your marketing plan and efforts at aiming for a smaller segment of the market, then you are likely to be more noticed and you can become a big fish in a smaller pond.  Niche Marketing is also referred to as micro-marketing.



    When starting out with Affiliate Marketing, the first thing you want to do before you set up your website is decide which Niche you are going to target.  If you don’t already have a topic in mind, then use the process I use below to help create a good niche:


    What is your Passion?

    If you don’t know what you are passionate about, then start by making these lists:

    • Things you would love to spend your time doing if money wasn’t an issue.  It could be anything from spending time with your family, baking, watching / playing a sport, cars, events, animals … absolutely anything that makes you happy.
    • Do you have any hobbies, or wish you could start a hobby if you had more time.  List them.
    • What problems have you ever Googled to get help with.
    • What else have you Googled to get more information.
    • What are the things you are really good at and know a lot about that could help other people if you had a platform to share.
    • What have you achieved in your life.
    • What lessons have you learnt from making mistakes.


    With whom would you like to target?

    Target MarketingWith your identified passion in mind, think of who would benefit from the sharing of your knowledge on this subject.  Would they be similar people to you?  Identify and make a list of the specifics of your target market, keeping in mind that you can’t be everything to everybody and you can’t do business with everybody, as you will risk confusing the client.  Keep these points in mind:

    • Geographical areas – would you target local, provincial, national or international.
    • Would your idea benefit businesses or individuals.
    • Demographically, who would you like to target – Gender, Ethnic Group, Age, Income, Language Group, Family Status, etc.

    Always remember that we are talking niche marketing here, which we have already identified as the smaller part of a bigger market.  Therefore, to target Mothers is not specific enough – but if you targeted first time white mothers, who have new born babies in the Cape Town area during the month of December, whose household incomes are R600k per annum, you would have a better chance of reaching them.

    By doing this exercise, you can expect your niche to naturally become evident to you.


    Building your Niche and Website from your visitor’s perspective

    When you do things with the true desire to help and inform your visitor’s, you are far likelier to identify more of their needs and wants.  Also keep cognisance of these 2 points that I have previously made in this website:

    • Your choice of niche should not revolve around how much money you can make, but rather how many people you can help with the same desires / problems / passions.
    • Using the philosophy of serving others first will result in making money later, and there is no greater joy than experiencing both.


    A good niche has these qualities

    Once your niche has started to take shape, see if you find these qualities that make up a good niche:

    • Does it give you clarity on a long term vision of where you want to be.
    • Is it a niche that will offer products and services that other people will want, and more importantly, that you would want to buy.
    • Can you make it unique to be a one-of-its-kind.
    • Is it a niche that can evolve, to ensure you have long-term success.


    It is time to BEGIN!

    It's time to go for it

    For many Affiliate Newbies, this is generally the most difficult stage … the stage where you start implementing your
    idea.  You would not be the first to feel a little overwhelmed and apprehensive, but believe me if you have followed my steps above, then the passion that will emerge when you start taking action will far out strip the risks.

    Go for it and … Good Luck.


    Please feel free to ask me anything, drop a comment or make a suggestion, I am open to all.  Alternatively, you can connect with me at




    1. Kayla

      Hi Laurie,

      I have been with wealthy affiliate for almost 2 months and I agree for a newbie it is really overwhelming. I came up with a niche in 2 mins of my own tho, based on my experience with my niche and knowledge. I help women who want a toned body. I enjoy helping others in my niche. I have a bit of an audience coming on to my site but not 100 % done yet.

      I am so glad wealthy affiliate is there to help you build your website step by step but not only that, it has such a great community to give you feedback, questions answered and more.

      • Laurie

        Hi Kayla – thanks for comments and I couldn’t agree with you more regarding Wealthy Affiliate – I am glad to hear that you have your niche sorted according to your enjoyment and that you are starting to get the benefits of traffic and an audience – well done and good luck further.

    2. Neil

      Thanks for sharing your perspective on online niche marketing. 🙂

      I think these days, many people who are new to the digital business world, tend to get their niches wrong, go too broad, discuss a number of random topics and promote various different product banners not related to the blog topic either.

      I do agree that in order to become a successful affiliate marketer, you should first choose your passion and then zoom in on your micro niche market.

      When we focus on helping as many people as possible, the money will follow. I see so many bloggers stuffing their articles with affiliate links and banners. It looks so trashy and spammy, that nobody buys because there is no value there.


      • Laurie

        Thanks for your comment Neil and further insight. I couldn’t agree with you more, and know from experience that when you are first starting out, you get so excited about this new found prospect of making money, that you want to put everything in one place and be everything to everyone – it just doesn’t work and does more damage than good

    3. Chris

      Quite interesting really – opens my eyes to a few of the reasons why so many people make it big online. Something as simple as a brass curtain rail could make you rich at the end of the day! I suppose the more diverse your niche the more chance you have of completely cornering the market?

      • Laurie

        Hi Chris – Concentrating on providing real value to your readers, is what actually brings in the revenue more than concentrating on anything else … thanks for comments


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