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    Website-Content-TrafficYES … straight and simple, there are many very successful people out there making a full time living from affiliate marketing, but there are also a lot of failed affiliate marketers too.  So the confident “YES” I put at the beginning all depends on how much time, commitment, passion and desire YOU are willing to put into a business that can do the same for you.  You need to start with these traits as there will be a lot to learn in the form of website set-up, content and traffic.




    If you do have these traits, then you must know that Affiliate marketing is not only addictive when learning new skills and seeing results, but it is an industry that is set to grow by $6.8 billion over the next 5 years.

    The reason people choose to enter affiliate marketing as a way to earn money is for these reasons:

    • Best way to earn residual income online that is not fixed.
    • Marketing online is cost-effective and sometimes free.
    • No need to pay anything to join affiliate
    • No need to have your own products or services as this has already been developed by the Merchant.
    • No need to worry about storage or distribution of the product.
    • No need to have any customer interaction as this is handled by the Merchant.
    • No need to have an office.
    • No need to have employees.
    • The ability to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere that you want.
    • The more skills you perfect in affiliate marketing the closer you will get to living a lifestyle that provides an income whether you are in front of your laptop or not.
    • And best of all, the world is your oyster with no geographical boundaries.  Affiliate marketing provides you with the opportunity to reach any global market you choose.


    You also need to know upfront that although affiliate marketing is highly lucrative and enjoyable, it is also very competitive.  To become successful in this industry and earn a residual income, you would need to learn:

    • Everything you need to know about your niche – become the expert that is able to write original content.
    • Within your niche, do research as to what the market wants and needs.
    • Choose only a few products that relate to the content on your website and align with what your market needs.
    • Try and use what you promote so that you talk from experience.  You don’t want to be promoting an untried product or service that your customers become unhappy with – this hurts your credibility which will limit customer return on your advice.
    • To use other traffic sources to promote your website / blog or affiliate products and services.  The more targeted traffic you get, the more chance of earning money.
    • What works when promoting products and services.  It is all about tracking your campaigns so that you can see  what works and act on that.
    • Not to fall behind by keeping on top of new techniques and current market trends that happen in order to remain competitive.  There are also many helpful tools around that will help you be more efficient.
    • Have a structured plan in place so that you can treat your affiliate marketing as a proper business.


    Please feel free to ask me anything, drop a comment or make a suggestion, I am open to all.  Alternatively, you can connect with me at


    1. Darren

      I believe affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money period. It costs virtually nothing to get started and run an affiliate marketing business and you’re right, after some initial work and dedication, residual and passive income starts to roll in and multiply. It’s the perfect business model in so many ways.

      • Laurie

        Thanks for your comments Darren, always nice to get affirmation as to what I am saying

    2. Linda

      Hi Laurie,
      Great insights on affiliate marketing! As you’ve correctly pointed out, growth factors projected for affiliate marketing are positively staggering as we continue to evolve into an online society. So, of course, there is enormous potential for those who are willing to invest the time and effort in growing an online business. One outstanding aspect of affiliate marketing is that it’s possible to create a successful business with a minimal financial investment which opens up opportunities for many individuals who do not have the capital to start a brick and mortar business. However, there are no shortcuts. Success in anything requires good old-fashioned hard work. Thanks for presenting a realistic assessment of this opportunity!

      • Laurie

        Thanks for your comments Linda – and I couldn’t agree with you more …

    3. Neil

      From what I’ve seen online, there are a billion and one ways to make money, lol. But I have heard that affiliate marketing is the most lucrative method, especially for beginners. 🙂

      However, I can also see why there are are a mixture of successful and unsuccessful affiliate marketers. It seems the most successful ones set up blogs and create content as well as videos. Whereas the 2nd group tend to either spam the social networks with affiliate links or give up too soon.

      With all the benefits you’ve highlighted with affiliate marketers, I just don’t see why people are happy to struggle financially with their jobs?!


      • Laurie

        Hi Neil – I couldn’t agree with you more, I think people try go the easy way and over enthusiastically spam everywhere, with no result = give-up … nothing can beat regular action in the way of original content.


    4. Chris

      I think most of us realistic people are looking for a way to earn residual income online – something we can build up because we know that success can not be bred overnight!
      The sad fact about it all is that some people still beleive that it can be done – the quick earning scams feed off these people on a daily basis!

      • Laurie

        I know right – I think we all go through that curve of enthusiasm which puts us in the scam target …

    5. jessie palaypay

      I am thinking about affiliate marketing but am on the fence about it. Specifically on competing with others. I am not sure if I would be able to get a piece of the pie because it just looks so competitive to me and it seems like everyone else is already doing it.

      I was wondering how you are able to compete with others who may be in the same field as you and get some of the specific audience you target?


      • Laurie

        Nice Marketing is the answer – it may appear competitive, but there are so many topics and niches that have not even been touched. The first thing you would do is go with whatever you are passionate about, then do some research around its competitiveness – for instance, if you are a fitness fundi, drill down to something niche within the fitness category and you are bound to find products to market (affiliate marketing) and traffic.o whatever is your passion, you can be sure you would find

    6. Howard

      Hi Laurie:

      Great reading this article and I am impressed that you start it off with a caveat, actually stating that “there are a lot of failed affiliate marketers” out there; And then upfront and in caps you let everyone know that this is not a get rich quick scheme. That’s honest and trustworthy from the get-go. I like that!

      • Laurie

        Thanks Howard – I think one needs to know upfront that there is a lot of work and persistence involved – there are no get rich quick schemes out there, even though there are many who claim that … I think it is easy to fall into the trap should one be desperately looking for something new.  


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