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    Content Business Plan


    So you have a website, you got all your pages structured, you have keywords sorted in your pages for SEO, now what?  Well one thing is for sure, you can’t sit back and hope for the best.  My Content Business Plan always has this in mind.


    webcontentYou have to actually add original content to your website on a regular basis that people want to read and has evidence of visitor engagement before you get noticed by Google.  Google want to see that you are actually offering quality information that would interest or help your readers.  Don’t be overwhelmed by this, it really does fall into place once you get started.  Your thoughts and opinions are original and unique if you dig deep for them.


    If you have never written before, and are open to learning, then ponder these points to get the juices flowing:

    • Website content is your business – there is no way around it.
    • Writing content that is original and produces engagement is always the biggest challenge to Affiliate Marketers, but if you are ever short of ideas, then from your own personal perspective, ask yourself this question:
      • what type of information and news do you constantly search for or you naturally gravitate to?
      • what type of information do you never get tired and always have time for?  It could be gossip, about faith, about living life, self-improvement, debate, inspiration or simply just content that makes you feel good and smile?
      • what type of information do you find yourself sharing on social media?
      • what type of information has made a big impact in your life that you have never forgotten?
    • Your key to any content that will make it come easier to you is to focus on helping people rather than selling a product.  This way, your reader is likely to trust you more.
    • Do some keyword research to give yourself some further ideas – this usually supplies you with a title and introduction to work around.


    Keyword discovery was like my savior when it came to looking for content ideas.  If you are looking for a Free Keywords Tool then Google Analytics would be the place to go, but I use a much better Keyword Tool that is free for the first 30 searches, but it tells you a lot more when it comes to the following:

    • Average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.jaaxy - free keywords tool
    • Number of visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in Search Engines.
    • The number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword.
    • Keyword quality indicator.
    • SEO score based on traffic vs competition.


    So the aim is to go for low competition with all the other elements in place.  This is the most valuable piece of data that you can have.  The reason why other keyword tools have never worked for me is because they don’t tell me how many websites are ranked for the same keyword I am going to use.

    If you want to use the same tools I use, then CLICK HERE.  Try Jaaxy for Free before you consider buying. This way you only pay if you like what Jaaxy Offers!


    Please feel free to ask me anything, drop a comment or make a suggestion, I am open to all.  Alternatively, you can connect with me at




    1. Jonathan

      Thank you for the information. I am starting my own online business and I am struggling to produce content. Am sure this article is going to help me. I love the idea of producing original content and that what I am going to learn. I must also adjust on how to balance writing content that is helpful to my visitor and promoting my products.

      Thank you for introducing Jaaxy to me. I just signed up. This key word tool is excellent. I am going to help me with key word search. My burden is lessened

      • Laurie

        Hi Jonathan – thanks for your comments – yes Jaaxy is a brilliant product, it will certainly make your life much easier when it comes to getting content ideas as well as making sure you get ranked in Google

    2. Ben

      Hmm. What advice do you have for people who do not have the time to write content? What do you think about paying a writer to do it? It will cost money, but perhaps in the long run you can make enough money from your website to pay it off. What are your opinions?

      • Laurie

        To be honest, I have recently considered paying a writer to write content myself, specifically because of time constraints and knowing how important it is to have regular content, but I would have to see the quality of what I get before I can really have an opinion on whether it is worth the money. I’m also not sure how much it would cost to hire a writer, but one thing I can be sure of is that it is likely to cost less than the time it would take me to write – so in my opinion, and because I am going to do the same, it is well worth looking into it if time is your enemy – but I have also always been the kind of person who knows that businesses always run better when the business-owner is running things 🙂 .. in this case … writing things 🙂


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