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    Affiliate Marketing Tips

    Affiliate Marketing Websites


    Affiliate Marketing Websites


    The best way to be successful with affiliate marketing is to have your own Affiliate Marketing Website.  Your own piece of virtual property that can become your personal brand.  What makes it truly yours is making sure you secure and own a “keyword rich” domain name that is descriptive to your niche.  But more on that later …


    What is an Affiliate Marketing Website, and how do I get one?  

    In short, it is website that you set up with a theme (<– Click there to learn create website).  You can have any theme you want in any niche, but it is suggested that you start with something that you have a passion for, and hopefully know a bit about.  It could be anything from losing weight, handling teenagers, being a rugby fan to anything possible.

    Affiliate Marketing WebsitesThe goal of the website is to provide useful information and content to your reader.  When you write original content on any subject, with the view of truly helping and informing your readers, Google becomes your fan and starts ranking your website where you will find many people visiting your site and reading your useful tips.

    In the content, or even on the sides of your website in the form of banner ads, is where you will recommend products and services that relate to your topic, and when visitors start clicking on your affiliate links, you will be earning a residual income from affiliate marketing and your affiliate marketing website and business has begun to become your asset.

    The process above is how it works.



    Please feel free to ask questions, comment or share your tips below or alternatively drop me a line at




    1. Brady

      I am very interested in affiliate marketing. I hear alot of great things about it.

      Is it hard to do? Do you have to be a computer expert?

      I know a little bit about computers and very little about websites. Do you think it is something I could do?

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank You,


      • Laurie

        Hi Brady – thanks for comment and yes, you hear right i.t.o. “a lot of great things about affiliate marketing”. To be clear upfront though, it is not for those looking for a “get rich quick” scheme, it does take a lot of learning and consistent effort before you start seeing results – anyone who tells you different should be seen as a red flag. It is not hard to do and NO you don’t have to be a computer expert, if you are new at the game, there is a lot to learn – but believe me, once you start learning, you will become so passionate about these new found skills that you will want to continue. If this is something that appeals to you, then you want to be a part of a community that helps you every step of the way with support, training and help to get your website up and running, which is where I have found my home, then maybe give Wealthy Affiliates a look up – you can access them HERE if you want


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