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    Laurie Cunningham

    So this is me, Laurie Cunningham, working from my home town of Hermanus (the Whale Capital of the World) which is in Western Cape, South Africa, hoping to catch sight of a few mama Whales and their babes.

    I’ve been self employed most of my adult life and although my background and core business has been in the Marketing, Market Research and Big Data and Database sectors, my passion is Internet and Affiliate Marketing.  I love seeing a plan from plan-land come together.  This is only done by putting in the elbow grease of dedicated and consistent action with clarity that I will never lose sight of the end result.

    I’m also a sponge for learning new techniques and am always working to stretch my  limits so as to increase my own knowledge and abilities.  I have learnt a lot (good and bad) over the last 8 years with regard to Online Marketing.  I’ve had some very successful campaigns and have also been burnt by many “not so good” campaigns in the past.  The key is to know when to press-on and when to change direction.

    When I have the opportunity to teach what I have learnt to small businesses and individuals, I am at my best and in my element.  I am passionate about teaching those who have little knowledge on the subject and/or are just starting out, as I like to share the successes I have had as well as “what to avoid” from the mistakes I have made … so basically, what works and what doesn’t.  I am a true believer of practicing what I preach.  My sharing skills of what I have learnt is to show others how to get an Online Presence via websites, search engines, social media and how to monetize those websites with affiliate marketing to earn an extra or full time residual income.

    My philosophy in life is that there is no greater joy and accomplishment than that of serving and helping others.  When I take this philosophy into my business life, nothing really changes because my goal is always to make a contribution and a difference rather than trying to make a few bucks or a killing.  For instance, when you write content on your websites with your readers in mind and are truly wanting to help and/or inform them – you are likely to make a better connection than you would with a sales pitch.

    So this site is about making my own opportunity in teaching others.  I do hope you find value in what I have to share and I certainly hope that it will contribute to your own growth for realizing your full potential.

    Please feel free to ask me anything, drop a comment or make a suggestion, I am open to all.  Alternatively, you can connect with me at


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